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Glitter phone cases are ridiculously overpriced right? Or if you’re like me, they don’t even make them for your phone at all… which totally sucks.  Well thanks to blogger IamStyle-ish, I was inspired to create my own.  Her infamous pin is blowing up on Pinterest, and while her blog gives detail on how to glitterize a clutch with an ode to glitterizing an iPhone cover, I successfully attempted to glitz my own Droid Razr phone case; now I’ve decided to give the World Wide Web a DIY on glitter phone cases.

What You’ll Need:

How to Make a Glitter Phone Case

  • Phone Case (mine was my husband’s Otterbox… shhh he doesn’t know yet – Mwah ah ah)
  • 200 grit sandpaper
  • A small, shallow Tupperware container
  • A needle
  • Martha Stewart fine glitter in the color of your preference (for the copper finished product pictured, I used “Bronze”; the in-progress glitter color being used is “Sterling”)
  • A foam brush
  • One 12”x12” piece of tinfoil
  • A canvas mat to lay underneath my project area


The Fab Process:

  1. Use the tinfoil to line your Tupperware container.  Gently press the tinfoil down into the bottom of your container and wrap the edges tight.  Be careful not to puncture the foil and create any holes.
  2. Use the 200 grit sandpaper to “rough up” your phone case.*  A lot of phone cases are shiny and have a gloss coating on them that make it difficult for paint or any substance to adhere.  Since we want this stuff to really stick, grind that crap off and make as many scratches in the case as you can.  Don’t worry about how horrible it looks; this will all be covered up with GLITTER!  *If your phone case has suffered some past trauma and is already pretty roughened up,  you might be able to skip this step.  Use your best judgment.
  3. Pour some Modge Podge into your lined Tupperware container.
  4. Add in glitter, making the mixture 1/3 Modge Podge, 2/3 glitter; and thoroughly mix the two “ingredients” together, scraping the bottom of the tinfoil as you stir to ensure it’s mixed together really well.
  5. Now you’re ready to start painting your mixture on.  The mix should be fairly thick, similar to the consistency of pancake batter.  Notice that in the photo it’s sticking to my brush, without any drips.  If your mixture is runny or drips off the brush, it’s too thin; add more glitter. Total, you should paint 2-3 coats for full coverage.
  6. When painting a phone case like mine (with rounded edges), paint a coat on all flat surfaces first.  After allowing it to dry for 15 minutes, paint a coat on the rounded surfaces; again, wait 15 minutes, and paint a coat on the flat surfaces.  Continue alternating like this until the entire surface of the case is fully covered with your glitter-Modge Podge mixture.
  7. To clean up, simply remove the tinfoil liner with the brush inside, and discard!
  8. Let the glitter phone case dry overnight before placing it back on your phone.  Now you have a custom glitter phone case and you can make an unlimited amount of colors, or even paint stenciled glittered designs on a case.  The possibilities are endless.

Some tips:

  • Use the needle to remove any unwanted “paint” that got stuck in phone case openings.  My case has a tiny mic opening on the back that got some glitter mixture stuck in it so I quickly removed it while the glitter mix was still wet.  I just stuck my needle in the hole and wiggled it around a bit, clearing the hole out.
  • Use the Modge Podge bottle as a stand while you paint and as a rest to let the glitter case dry on.
  • If you paint coats on without enough dry time in between you can get tiny air bubbles, but don’t stress!  Use that same needle you used earlier and poke the air bubbles, then use your finger to gently flatten them down.  Keep an eye on your glitter case as it dries; you might have to pop the air bubbles more than once.


How To Glitter An Otterbox | Create a Glitter Otterbox Phone Case

The Modge Podge is a flexible glue so rather than letting the glitter just flake off, it renders it malleable and allows it to bend and move, which makes it perfect for all the wear and tear that a phone case receives.  I’ve had mine for almost a week now and so far I haven’t noticed any glitter falling off on my carpet or clothes.  The glitter (like anything, of course!) will come off if you pick at it, so if you’re one of those girls (or boys!) who likes to pick off nail polish or paint, I’d probably refrain from the glitter cell phone case.  Also, I highly highly recommend Martha Stewarts glitters, or another fine grained glitter (check out embossing glitters!) because they are the most fabulous when it comes to sparkle, and that’s what we’re all after here, right?!



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  1. Marija |

    I’ve seen this on Pinterest, but I was wondering if it would work on an Otterbox case. My husband just got me one and something tells me he’d be upset if I ruined it. :-) Thank you!

    • admin |

      There are a few different versions of the Otterbox (I’m not sure which you have – mine has one rubber skin piece and one hard plastic piece) and the silver glittered case shown throughout the tutorial is actually an Otterbox. I updated the page with the finished product so you can get a better idea of it. The only thing is, with an Otterbox you’ll only want to glitter the hard plastic parts. The rubberized skin will have to stay whatever color it may be. The silver glitter phone case was originally an all black Otterbox. I took the hard plastic part and applied glitter to that.

      The images of the copper/gold glitter phone case is a different hard case I have also done, but the step-by-step process is illustrated using an Otterbox. That’s kind of confusing >.< but I’ve done multiple and wanted to show photos of my two favorites.

      I hope that helps! and Otterboxes are expensive so I could definitely see why he’d be upset. Haha. :) Also, at the bottom of the tutorial, I added in photos of what the Otterbox looks like, for more clarification… Have fun!!!

      - Brooke

  2. Marija |

    Lol, I just read my comment and it does sound like a question, but I was meaning to thank you for posting that it can be done on a Otterbox. :-) Yes, mine is rubber and plastic as well, that’s exactly why I was wondering if it can be done, good thing I read your comment before going and blinging out the rubber part as well, hehehe.

    It does help, a lot. Thanks a bunch! :-)


  3. Katie-Mae |

    Is your case still holding up? The other day I got really bored at about 4 AM and I painted my white otter box with nail polish and yeah…It didn’t work well at all.

    Did you put an extra coat of clear Modge Podge on top? I’ve never used it before.

    Also, What about mixing different colored glitters for like a rainbow glitter?

    • Brooke |

      My case is sill holding up! I’m actually quite shocked. I’ve dropped it countless times, thrown it around in a suitcase and my purse, and it still looks perfect.

      The only part that slightly chipped was the tiniest bit off the edge where i tried shoving it in an iphone armband case and tried zipping it in. The zipper scraped a little bit off the corner, but an unnoticeable amount… And it was entirely my fault for being too impatient to order the correct sized armband off amazon :/

      To paint stripes or a Chevron pattern or any design, i would recommend doing one color at a time, waiting until each color was near dry, then continuing to the next until the entire case is covered.

      For an ombre glittered effect I would paint three variant glitter sections, leaving 1/4 inch gaps between each section. After a thick coat of each color glitter is painted, blend the colors together to close the gaps.

    • Brooke |

      Also, I did not paint an extra coat of modge podge on top. I only used the glitter/modge podge mixture :)

  4. Katie |

    Just put my first coat on. I am so excited I have an ATRIX 2 and the case I am covering is an Otterbox the cheapest series. I chose a pink glitter. I hate iPhones so I won’t her one and the ATRIX has very little case designs to choose from. Now I want to find more to do this to. I Loooove glitter!

  5. Savannah |

    Is it necessary to use the Martha Stewart fine glitter or would another…maybe a little cheaper ;)…glitter work just as well?

    • Brooke |

      Awesome! So glad it worked out! Mine is still looking great too… Amazing how tough Modge Podge is!

  6. jodi |

    hi! question… do you think this would work if i used the glitter/modge podge INSIDE a clear case? then the outside wouldn’t have the possibility of chipping…
    i’m just worried that the modge podge may leave streaks when looking at it from the outside? and i’m also worried that the phone may not fit all the way in after the layers of glitter and modge podge.
    what do you think???

    • Brooke |

      It probably depends on the case. I know the case i used fits my phone very tightly so putting glitter on the inside would have made it not fit :/ if the case is a little big it might work, but i think the shininess of the case might make the glitter look dull. Maybe applying glue and putting glitter over a paper insert would work better for the inside. So just cut a piece of paper to fit perfectly inside the case and cover it with glitter and glue. This would be a lot thinner and your phone might still fit.

  7. Taylor |

    Do you think it matters what kind of mod podge you use? I have the gloss finish and just now see you used a matte.. Also is it smooth or rough in the end?
    Thanks and love the idea!

    • Brooke |

      I don’t think the type of modge podge matters. Mine ended up smooth-ish, it depends on how much glitter is in your modge podge glitter paint. I added a TON of glitter the first time around so it ended up sort of rough, but less rough than sand paper, if that makes sense. I think you could apply a solid top coat of modge podge and it *might* make it more smooth, but I haven’t tried it yet.

  8. Baylee |

    Hi, I have a pink Otterbox and I would love to put gold glitter on top of it. Do you think I would still see the pink or would I be okay?! & this is a really cute idea, props :)

    • Brooke |

      Hey Baylee! I actually covered a hot pink case myself with copper glitter. It took about three coats total, but it did cover. You just have to give the modge podge mix 25-45 minutes to dry between coats, then i let it dry over night :)

    • Brooke |

      Its pretty tough. I’ve dropped it quite a bit and one corner chipped a little bit after the fourth or fifth drop, but i was able to paint right over and repair it :)

    • Brooke |

      To cover a case for my phone (a 1st gen. Droid Razr) I used about 3 tablespoons of glitter. An iPhone would need a little less, a Samsung Galaxy a little more… If that comparison helps :)

  9. Hayley |

    do you have to use a foam brush to put it on? can’t find one ANYWHERE!

    • Brooke |

      Nope… any brush will do. Brushes with softer bristles are less likely to show brush strokes though. :)

  10. Derisha Driver |

    Hey! I love this idea I’ve been reading it over and over for awhile and this is my first time reading the comments. My question is so are you saying we can’t do the outter rubber shell of our otterbox just the hard inner shell? I really would love to do the inside and just bought it..and you know otter’s are expansive so I don’t want to mess it up. Aha thanks xo

    • Brooke |

      I’ve never tried doing the rubber shell for the exact same reason (fear of messing it up). I think, because it’s bendable, the rubber would chip and crack, so I would advise against it.

  11. Colleen |

    Hi! Do you think this would work on a case that has a picture on the back? I have an old case with Justin Bieber on it that I kinda want to cover up.


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